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All prices are an estimation as the cost of fur fluctuates. Please contact me for current market price, especially on furs like wolf and lynx.

If you provide a fur or furs to me for the creation of a hat or pair of mittens the price is as follows:

Trapper, Musher, pixie hats, regular and gauntlet mittens are $75 plus return shipping.

Bomber/Aviator/Trooper hats are $85 plus return shipping.

Hats with a face and tail are $80 plus return shipping.

Full drape Frontiersman or Mountainman hats are $150 plus return shipping.

Hats & Mittens if I provide the fur:
Trapper, Musher, Pixie hats and regular mittens are all the same price, add $60 for gauntlet type mittens, add $40 for Bomber hats:

Beaver $200
Coyote $175
Rabbit $125
Lynx $375
Red Fox $250
Wolf $400
Muskrat $200
Silver Fox    $350

Mountainman, Frontiersman full drape hats

Coyote $275
Lynx $495
Red Fox $350
Wolf $700

Includes head with leather behind eyes, all paws, claws and tail draped as a natural pelt.