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Alaska Spirit Crafts

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The Predator

Crafting fur and leather is more than a hobby for me. It's a passion, the way I express myself and how I feel about Alaska and the life I have here. In this webpage I've assembled some of my favorite crafts to share with you.

Each of my crafts in unique in it's own way, no two are exactly alike because no two furs can ever be exactly alike. When crafting and sewing by hand, I place meticulous care into each and every object I create. When you look at the crafts on these pages, know that what you may recieve will not be just like what you see, but your own unique creation, made just for you!

Just a few pics of us. We love it here in Alaska and hope to retire here someday.

The Spirit of Alaska is in many ways the Spirit of the Wolf. Brave, courageous, loving, fierce and playful. Confront an Alaskan or a Wolf and they will forcefully defend their family and their territory, no matter the consequences.
Alaska Spirit Crafts is only a small representation of The Predator in all of us. If you can dream it, it can be done!

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Because of the dramatically fluctuating price of furs in an ever changing market, any prices stated on this webpage are only an estimate. Please contact me for an actual price of the item you would like!